Cuban Immigration & Customs

For up-to-date information on what travelers can Import and Export to/from Cuba, please visit the official Cuban Customs (Aduana Cuba) website:

How to get through Immigration and Customs on ARRIVAL:

The following information apply for a traveller entering Cuba for tourism purposes.

  1. After leaving the aircraft you are guided by Officials to enter in the Arrivals building where you’ll find Immigration Control. The zone is composed of several short enclosed halls with a booth where the Immigration Officer is sitting behind a tall counter. Most of them speak some English. You have to go to the booth one person at the time, but young children can go with an adult.
  2. The Officer will check your Passport and Tourist Card (Visa Tarjeta del Turista). This Tourist Card is provided by your travel agency, tour operator or airline. If you don't have it, you’ll have to purchase one, cost is 20 CUC. Note that since the spring of 2014, Cuban Immigration now stamps all passports (before you had to request a stamp if you wanted one as a "souvenir"), this include Americans traveling on a direct flight from USA to Cuba with an OFAC license. However the Cuban Immigration MAY make an exception for Americans arriving from other countries (presuming they don't have OFAC license) and don't stamp their passport as a courtesy. If you are an American citizen or resident traveling to Cuba without a license then kindly ask the official not to stamp your passport, but always bear in mind that it seems to be at the discretion of each immigration official, and he/she may also forget and stamp it anyway as a force of habit.
  3. The Officer may ask you a few basic questions such as “is it your first time in Cuba?”, “What is the purpose of your trip?”, “What do you do for a living”.
  4. The Immigration officer will ask you to step back (and remove any hat or glasses) and look at the camera whilst he/she take your photo.
  5. Since May 1st, 2010 all foreigners who want to travel to Cuba must be covered by a travel insurance that includes a medical care benefit. Upon arrival travelers may be required to present a proof of medical coverage valid for the entire period of their stay in Cuba; in the form of an insurance policy, insurance certificate, medical assistance card, etc. If you don’t have one, you will have to purchase a health insurance plan with the Cuban travelers’ aid company called ASISTUR S.A. ( at the point of entry.
  6. The Immigration Official will stamp, detach and keep one half of your Tourist Card. You’ll have to turn in the other half when you exit Cuba so it's VERY important to keep it safe during your stay; having to replace it could be a long and complicated process.
  7. After the Immigration procedures are completed, the Officer will press a buzzer button to unlock the door beside you, exit the booth through this door.
  8. The next step is to get you and your carry-on baggage scanned in the x-ray machine and metal detector arch to check if you are not carrying firearms, meat products, plants, fruits/vegetables, or any other prohibited or restricted item. Every checked baggage is also being scanned (in another area) and sniffed by trained dogs.
  9. Then proceed to the Baggage Claim area to collect your checked baggage
  10. Once you have claimed your baggage, a Customs Officer will collect you Custom Declaration Form. He/she will also check if your bag was marked (after X-ray scanning) for a manual search (only if they suspect something). If you have nothing to declare then proceed to the exit.

How to get through Passport Control and Security on DEPARTURE:

  1. After you've checked-in for your flight and received your boarding pass, then proceed to the Passport Control booth to clear Immigration. You’ll have to show your passport and boarding pass, and give back the other half of your Tourist Card. The Officer will stamp your passport and then unlock the door so you can move to the security checkpoint.
  2. You can then proceed to the Customs booths where you have to show your passport and boarding pass (with the departure tax stamp) and give back the other half of your Tourist Card. The Customs Officer will then unlock the door so you can move to the security checkpoint.
  3. Your carry-on bag will be scanned (X-ray machine with conveyor belt) and you’ll have to walk through the metal detector arch, as in any other airport.
  4. You can then exit the Screening area to get to the Departure Gate Lounge.
  5. When you flight is called, they will check your boarding pass at the Gate. In airports with no jet-bridges, you’ll have to show again your boarding pass when you get to the staircase to board the aircraft.

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